February 1


SEO for Mom Bloggers

“SEO is DEAD!”

How many times have you heard that recently?

Okay, I get it. SEO is a lot harder these days, especially for new blogs.

But that doesn’t mean it’s dead!

What it DOES mean is that you can’t rely on getting traffic from search engines for the first few months of your blog’s life.

Instead, you should install your favorite SEO plugin, optimize each post as well as you can, and then let SEO go. Let it do its thing.

Yes, I absolutely AM suggesting forgetting SEO for the most part!

Other than basic optimization such as keyword research and putting those keywords into your content and title, don’t worry too much about it. No matter how hard you work on SEO, your blog isn’t going to see a lot of  results from it in the beginning.

So just forget it for now.

We’re going to take a look at some other traffic methods that will get you results a LOT faster.

Best of all, those methods will actually boost your SEO over time!

So not only will you be getting immediate traffic that you can grab as email list subscribers, get to follow you on social media, and sell
products to, but you’ll be boosting your search engine rankings over
time, as well!

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not!

A lot of the methods we will be discussing involve social media, and
since Google relies fairly heavily on “social signals” these days, you
will see SEO results faster by using the other methods we discuss!

Check out those methods here:

Setting Up a Blog that Attracts Traffic

The Absolute Best Mom Blog Traffic Sources for 2021

Build Your Social Media Following as a Blogger

Multiply Your Blog Results


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