February 1


Multiply Your Blog Results

On this blog you will find a lot of things you can do to increase the
results you see from your blog, but now we are going to talk
about a couple things you can do to really increase your

First, make sure to commit a certain amount of time to work on your blog every single day.

If you don’t do this, it’s going to take you a LOT longer to  see results, and you may even give up out of frustration.

Even if it’s only fifteen minutes, make the commitment to work on something related to your blog every single day, no matter what else you have going on. Even if you have to eat lunch while you do it, you CAN find the time, I promise you!


Next, install a split testing package and start using it  immediately!

Try Split Test Monkey.

This system will let you test and track multiple versions of your squeeze page and other elements of your blog so that  you can find the highest converting versions.

You may wonder if it’s really worth it to do this, and I assure you it is!

Even a tiny increase in conversions can mean a HUGE number of email opt-ins or social media follows as your traffic begins  to increase!

Test things such as:

  • Placement of social media links
  • Report cover graphics
  • Text used to ask people to subscribe to your list
  • Text on the button on your opt-in form

You can do all this testing manually, but without a lot of traffic, it can be difficult to accurately gauge your results. Using a package like Split Test Monkey will help you get results faster and with a lot less frustration.

This concludes our series on getting quicker results from your blog.

Now get out there and use what you’ve learned!


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