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Build Your Social Media Following as a Blogger

Social media is here to stay, and if you want to get a lot of traffic, it’s important that you learn to get used to it.

Some people love social media, and that’s great. That makes it a lot easier for them.

But if you’re like some, you don’t feel so confident on social media. You may even think that social media isn’t right for you.

But it is!

Trust me, social media does NOT have to be super social.

In fact, there are a few social media sites, such as Pinterest, where you really don’t have to socialize at all to get consistent traffic.

In a previous email, we talked about how to figure out where your niche’s typical demographic hangs out. Those are the places you should concentrate most of your efforts.

But you should still create an account for your blog on all of the major social  media sites that have a major presence in your target demographic, because some people only have an account at one or two sites. You don’t want to totally avoid those people.

But how can you get people to follow you on social media?

Well, holding contests and giveaways CAN work, but what you really want is a following of people who want to hear from you because of your content, NOT because they want to win something.

The best way to accomplish this is to attract your blog visitors to your social media.

“WAIT!” I can hear most of you screaming.

You don’t want to send your traffic away to another site that won’t pay you, do you?

Well, ideally not, of course.

But in this case, capturing those people onto your social media accounts as followers will turn them into a captive audience that you can market to again and again, rather than just that one visit to your blog!

For this reason, make sure you put links to your social media profiles everywhere you can. Put them:

  • In your blog's sidebar
  • In your blog's header and footer
  • On a pop-up
  • In the footer of every email you send out
  • On your other social media profiles
  • In the descriptions of your YouTube videos

Put them anywhere you can! The more often people see those links, the more followers you will get!

Now that you have your blog set up, email autoresponder ready to go and your social media profiles rocking, it's time to Multiply Your Blog Results.


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