February 1


Build Your Email List Quickly with Your Mom Blog

PlusThe money is in the list.

I know it’s cliche these days, but it’s true.

In fact, it’s never been MORE true than now, in an age where
more people are getting their information from YouTube and other
sites instead of blogs, and when SEO is so difficult for new

If you have your own list, you will have a source of traffic that
can’t be taken away from you, and one that won’t change as easily
as SEO or other traffic sources.

It can take a while to build a list, but we’re going to take a look
at a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Once you have a landing page and/or optin form set up to grab email addresses of the people who visit your website.

I use, love and recommend GetResponse as an autoresponder. Not only does it help you capture emails, but you can create and publish landing pages and optin forms right in GetResponse.

Plus, they have an awesome free trial of 30 days - and paid plans are super cheap. It's amazing.

Once you have this set up, you need to create a killer lead
magnet, like a free report, to give away as an incentive to get
people to join your list.

Think about what people in your niche might be interested in

Do they have a common problem they need to solve?

Is there something that would be extremely useful for them to
learn, such as how to save money on something, or where to find
sources for something?

Write a 10-20 page report that explains whatever it is you’ve
chosen to focus on, and set up your autoresponder to deliver a
link to that report whenever someone joins your list. You will need
to host it on your own server to let people download it.

Then you’ll need to create a report cover graphic to attract attention.
Or you can hire a good designer to create one for you. Check out
Fiverr to find inexpensive designers or create your own with Canva.

Finally, set up a pop-up, landing page or optin-in banner that has your report cover graphic, a few bullet points that tell people why they want to  read your report, and an opt-in form generated by your autoresponder service.

This will show your new lead generation form to every single person
who visits your blog!

Now that you have your email list set up, learn to Build Your Social Media Following as a Blogger.


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